MEDITECH Expanse: What’s New in Version 17

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By Doreen DeGroff | Sep 11, 2020

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To respond to a fast-changing healthcare environment, MEDITECH Expanse updates are published quarterly. While some updates address necessary regulatory changes, others offer new and enhanced functionality.

CereCore has recently completed the review and testing of application code within our internal MEDITECH Expanse solution for version 17 and Global 2.01 service release 68. To support the EHR optimization efforts within our MEDITECH community, we have summarized the new functionality in this blog post below. In addition, we have provided recorded demonstrations and more details on new features through our online MEDITECH enhancement and video library (available after subscribing to the library).

AUC Regulatory Updates

  • Appropriate Use Criteria Interface updates: New Inbound RAD orders, OM Inbound orders, and Outbound RAD orders interfaces facilitate the acceptance and extraction of AUC modifier and G-codes.
  • Consultation Prompt for AUC: Triggers an AUC check when being entered into the Acute Hold Queue.
  • Emergent bypass: Bypasses the CDSM check and adds an advanced imaging order automatically for an emergent patient.
  • G-code and Modifiers on Order Detail updatesAUC consultations display on patient requisitions reports
  • Auto Assignment of Modifiers based on events
  • AUC claim format and program changes
  • Addition of account checks
  • Parameters updates for capture of G-codes and Modifiers
  • Updates to Imaging AUC Deficiency Report

Virtual Visits and Direct Book Appointment Enhancements

  • Auto Portal Invites: Automatically sends portal invitations upon creating of a new account in Registration Management Desktop, Community Wide Scheduling, Ambulatory Scheduling Grid or Patient Summary.
  • QR code Check In for iPhone
  • Onboarding: Allows new patients to schedule and request appointments as well as a Patient Portal account. Current patients can be placed into a virtual care queue.

Gender Identity Initiative Updates

  • Legal Sex and Pronouns were added to the questionnaire dictionary as part of system-wide gender identity changes.
  • MIS Sex Dictionary: Implements a new MIS Sex Dictionary to be used in conjunction with a new legal sex field which will be introduced in a future enhancement.

Charge Reconciliation Updates

  • Charge Reconciliation routine for charges sent from other applications: Routine allows users to view charges sent to Patient Accounting from other applications, along with the current billing status, to perform charge reconciliation.

Enabled ED Resident Functionality

  • Users will now be able to associate a user as a Resident.

Patient Visit-specific problems & History Overlay

  • Allows the addition of visit-specific problems to an existing document as part of the ordering workflow.

To access recorded demonstrations and additional documentation on new features through our online MEDITECH enhancement and video library, as well as receive future enhancement content, click here to subscribe to the CereCore MEDITECH enhancement and video library. To learn more about Release Management services from CereCore, visit our Core Solutions offerings here.

About the Author:
Doreen DeGroff

MEDITECH Senior Product Director, CereCore

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