Liverpool Women's is First to Complete Modern EPR Milestone

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By CereCore Media Coverage | Jul 25, 2023

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Liverpool Women's has become the first NHS Foundation Trust to go-live on MEDITECH Expanse, and CereCore International provided expertise during the planning stages, go-live support, and optimisation.

LONDON, July 25, 2023 -- CereCore International today announced Liverpool Women's is the first National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust to go-live on MEDITECH Expanse and has become the first NHS organisation in the UK to achieve this milestone. Since January 2023 CereCore International has been working with Liverpool Women's on their effort to transition from MEDITECH Magic to MEDITECH Expanse.

"Liverpool Women's Hospital has undertaken a significant programme of work replacing the Trust's legacy Patient Administration System (PAS) with a modern electronic patient records (EPR) solution. The size of the task was increased due to the age of the system as it had originally been implemented in 1996," said Matt Connor, Chief Information Officer for Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust.

"The scale of digital transformation was seismic," said Connor. "To help us we worked closely with CereCore who had proven expertise in the system we were deploying. We were able to work with them to enhance the configuration and build of the system. Together with our EPR vendor [MEDITECH] and CereCore we were able to deliver our go-live successfully and on time."

"We are excited for the new ways of working this 'first' brings to Liverpool Women's staff. A successful EPR implementation like this shows what's possible when you have the right expertise working toward a common goal. We believe this 'first' for Liverpool will be a springboard for other Trusts as they look to implement MEDITECH Expanse or other integrated EPRs," said Curtis Watkins, president and CEO, CereCore.

Working in tandem with hospital teams, CereCore International brings decades of MEDITECH platform and EPR experience and offers end-to-end healthcare IT services through the various phases of EPR implementation, including ongoing application support and maintenance.

"In both the U.S. and the U.K., many healthcare organizations are deciding to move to MEDITECH Expanse," said Watkins. "Today, healthcare demands more from an EPR — more efficient ways of working and delivering care, more data standardization, more mobile access and the list goes on."

"The go-live at Liverpool Women's is the dawn of the next era for healthcare technology in the U.K. Getting an EPR into the hands of staff so they have the clinical information they need is the heart of what we do at CereCore," said Watkins.

CereCore and CereCore International continue to expand their services to meet the needs of healthcare and are actively recruiting for healthcare operations, clinical informatics or EPR platform, project management and consulting expertise. CereCore is a multi-year winner of workplace, staffing and talent awards from Modern Healthcare and ClearlyRated respectively.

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