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Sep 16, 2022

1 minute read eBook

Have an IT decision to make? Or want to ensure your support is performing optimally? Check our eBook resources for expert advice on support/managed services, IT staffing, SLAs, and MEDITECH Expanse.


MT Expanse eBook cover



MEDITECH Expanse Ambulatory: Move Your Organization Closer to a  Single EHR

Ready to use one EHR for acute care  and ambulatory?                                            Get a game plan for using MEDITECH Expanse Ambulatory to centralize EHR  data and increase visibility into clinical records.



Path to Expanse eBook cover


The Path to MEDITECH Expanse: Why Your Organization Needs a      Single EHR

Is it the Right Time for MEDITECH Expanse?
Discover where you are on the path to MEDITECH Expanse, lessons learned from those who made the leap, and ways to maximize MEDITECH wherever you are in the journey.



Decision Guide eBook cover

Managed Services Versus Staffing Decision Guide

IT Managed Services, Contingent Staffing or both?
Compare the pros and cons of each staffing model to help you determine a strategy that works best for your organization.



Support eBook cover



Diagnosing Your Health System's IT Support Desk

Seven Best Practices for Health IT Service Desk
Discover how to use service-level metrics to uncover hidden costs, satisfaction and reoccurring issues, and maximize IT efficiency.



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