Boosting Your EPR: How to Navigate Post-Implementation Optimisation

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By CereCore | Jun 3, 2024

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Large implementations can be overwhelming, and organisations often run out of steam. Modern EPR (EHR) platforms are like living, breathing entities that require care and feeding to keep an organisation moving forward. At some point after go-live, possibly months or even years later, IT leaders and teams will begin hearing complaints from users, and organisations will demand more value and functionality from their EPR. The optimisation phase that was shut down early or abandoned will need to be revitalised. How to do that?

The Importance of an EPR Assessment

An external assessment can provide a fresh perspective and identify areas where your EPR might be underperforming. Quick wins, such as capturing charges that were previously missed, can lead to immediate ROI. Aligning technology initiatives with organisational goals is crucial when communicating with business leaders. Drawing connections between EPR functionality and patient satisfaction can help make the case for continued investment in optimisation.

Training and Change Management

Effective training and change management are essential for boosting user satisfaction and adoption. Ensuring that users are informed about new processes and tools and maintaining a consistent change management cycle can help your organisation adapt and thrive in the long term.

At CereCore International, we tailor our assessment teams to meet the specific needs of each organisation. We provide detailed reports that outline areas for improvement and the benefits of these changes. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions that lead to efficient and effective EPR use.

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For more insights and practical tips about EPR optimisation topics, stream the full episode of The CereCore Podcast, with host Phil Sobol, Vice President of Business Development, and a panel of EPR experts from CereCore:

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How CereCore International Can Help

Our team of experts is ready to help you identify opportunities for improvement and implement effective strategies to enhance your EPR performance. Whatever stage of maturity or transition with your EPR, from pre-implementation to post-implementation optimisation, don't hesitate to contact us.

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